China 's current flooring market

China 's current flooring market

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Robin how to treat China's current flooring market? Li Daoguang: We believe that the Chinese flooring industry in the field of strengthening the floor has formed a complete industrial chain, to reduce costs, plastic wood exterior flooring so that our R & D has become more favorable than in terms of foreign countries. China's flooring to the quality and brand of efficient growth, urgent to parquet as a breakthrough, the introduction of the construction of a number of strong brands, led the entire flooring industry as a whole to enhance. Enterprise Case Keno Group started the floor brand war in the market to launch low-cost floor-driven price war, to do the first sales in China face the upcoming renovation season, recently, Germany Kenuo Wood Group headquarters in China brand Keno Senwa, in the market launched a low price of 49 yuan floor. Cikuan floor not only affordable, but also the national Mianjian products. Kono Group, the promotion of generous, not only in the market caused a good eye effect, but also opened the wood floor industry brand war. Traditional 8 mm laminate flooring price 70 yuan per square meter, while the market price is usually 90 yuan, 90 yuan per square meter to do advanced high-strength wood flooring, which is also lower than the market price of 100 yuan. Peng Hongbin said that since Kenuo Wood is to strengthen the flooring industry ten years of global sales champion in Asia has the most complete and most efficient industrial chain. bathroom vinyl flooring non splintering Three years time to take the industry's first license for China's huge floor market demand, Kenuo Wood to develop a preliminary development plan. With a year and a half, so that the Group's sales of laminate flooring to do the second in China; with three years time, sales to China's first. For this development plan, Peng Hongbin confident, "the lack of Chinese wood flooring market can be about the brand, the industry is now too simple, even if the first brand of China, said the elephant is only about 8% market share, bathroom floor deck taking into account the raw wood Of the price, solid wood flooring market will shrink, strengthen the floor of the market will be greatly expanded.Keno Group plans to use six years to achieve the Chinese wood flooring market share of about 30% of the floor or Beijing company In order to ensure the competitiveness of the brand, from May 7, 1997 Shengda company to produce the first piece of laminate flooring in China so far, or to the floor is committed to the development of the brand, New product research and development, won the anti-bacterial flooring and other invention patents, utility model patents, design patents 8, and another six patents have been accepted by the State Intellectual Property Office.Li Yu said, "Shengda floor in addition to the continuous development of new products , composite timber decking Also played the advantages of forest products, forest products industry broke through the original production thinking. Shengda floor in Sichuan for forest development, planting economic trees, the floor to solve the fundamental problem of raw materials. Li Yu said that since the floor in 1998 to enter the North since the market is the first devaluation of the domestic form of flooring business. In 2001, or up to the floor in the country devaluation of the concept of floor 4S shop, a total of 4S shops in the country to lay more than 150. In addition, the floor of the country in various regions of the sales network structures, the current sales outlets in the tertiary market has completed more than 80%, the secondary market is also completed 60%. Li said, "Shengda from last year as a whole We expect to reach the forefront of the Second Army in Beijing in the next two years, and in the third year will face a positive clash with the Dorsal Land, Beijing flooring market competition for the first position, at the same time in full swing to Beijing as the core , And the global cooperation in large building materials supermarket.
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