Most important production of wood flooring

Most important production of wood flooring

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The country has solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and other production enterprises thousands, no less than a thousand brands. Since 2003, China's brand-name, national Mianjian products, local brands, such as the main floor brand building to achieve results, and as a basis for consumer markets around the mainstream.outdoor WPC floor
But with the increasing competition, some brands gradually fade out of the market, building materials market with the improvement of conditions between the enhanced competition between each other: the escalation of store decoration, business area has been expanding; manufacturers continue to follow up advertising efforts, image Endorsement has increased; floor services continue to deepen, consumer demand continues to increase. All of which will be brought together to one point, that is the overall strength (philosophy, quality, service, technology, talent, culture, etc.) competition!roof garden WPC flooring
Zhejiang as the country's most important production of wood flooring area and industrial clusters, the emergence of a number of dominance in the domestic status of the brand and terminal enterprises, such as laminate flooring in the Shengjia Group; solid wood flooring in the rich profit, the world Friends of the long-Sheng, Gelsen, radius, Wing Kyrgyzstan, good luck, the billion, Ming Cheng, Chong Xin, Longsen brands; wood composite floor in the Beyerke, Yuhua (parrot), Qifu Green Peak, Bunny Etc .; bamboo flooring is formed to Dazhuang, Fu Tai, Yan far as the core of a number of mainstream enterprises.outdoor WPC floor
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