Quality of life from the bottom of the wooden floor maintena

Quality of life from the bottom of the wooden floor maintena

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<p>Wood flooring is the first choice of modern environmentally friendly building materials. How to care and maintenance of wood flooring, a reference to solid wood flooring, will shook his head waved hard wood flooring maintenance is difficult to care. In fact, the method of solid wood floor maintenance only need to master a few tips you can easily take care of the. 1, the first to prevent a strong lasting sun exposure floor, so as not to paint the long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, Premature aging, cracking. Avoid hot and cold air blowing and baking the floor. 2, but also waterproof foam soak the floor.</p>

<p> To prevent the balcony, bathroom, kitchen, etc. overflow, travel or no water when you turn off the faucet; especially not in contact with hot water, so hot water pipes do not vent to the floor, in the event of timely dry.3, anti-heavy metal sharp. Home to prevent all heavy metal sharp, glass tiles, spikes and other hard objects scratch the floor. Mobile furniture should not be directly on the floor, push and pull, should be lifted and moved gently, often moving furniture in the bottom of the stick a layer of rubber. Second, conservation of temperature and humidity are indispensable, 1, wood flooring paved, long-term to keep people living, if no one often live, then it should be put in the room a few pots of water and maintain water.</p>

<p> At the same time should also keep the floor dry and clean, dry season can be used wet cloth to wipe the floor, in the southern humid climate, should not use wet towel to clean the floor or direct water cleaning. 2, but also long-term indoor humidity should be kept low. If you encounter hot weather, you can open a fan or air conditioning to increase the indoor air humidity. And in order to maintain the beautiful parquet and lacquer to extend the cause of life, every two months to play a wax.</p>

<p> Third, decontamination Clean dry and wet treatment must be properly, in order to extend the life of the wooden floor, which should keep the floor dry and clean, not wet with water mop mopping or alkaline, soapy water scrub, so as not to undermine the paint brightness, Damage the film. If you encounter special stains, then you can use with a wet cloth or wipe with a cloth dipped in the right amount of detergent, not a strong acid-base liquid cleaning the floor. Worthy of note is that: the quality of life from the foot of the beginning, for the surface of the cork flooring maintenance with the same solid wood flooring, the general six months to play a wooden floor wax on it.</p>

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