How to buy decorative flooring

How to buy decorative flooring

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<p>1, to avoid the above two kinds of deceptive tricks for the way: when buying the floor with the first to see, see the floor texture is clear, does composite decking float<a href="">manufacture of compusite lawn chairs</a>whether there is a normal color difference, let the manufacturers on the purchase order to explain whether the color plate (shading board) , Back to the installation of the floor sawing, the side coated with water, Kanban color is the same color, such as differences, that is, the color plate, on the slot, the national standard is 3.5mm ~ 4mm, can measure, if not measured , While the stitching on the trough too tight on the floor to be careful,<a href="">vinyl fence ct</a>cedar picket fence panels because some manufacturers in order to allow the board does not fall down, deliberately do notch slot is very tight, and the normal slot is a certain gap.</p>

<p>2, pay attention to the difference between paint: Now the floor paint on the market there are two kinds of pu paint and uv paint, buy flooring must ask the type of paint, do not buy pu paint the floor, it is very environmentally friendly, and its Benzene and formaldehyde emission is very high, paint life is very short, in Europe and the United States has long been disabled.<a href="">can i decorate plastic walls</a> pvc extrusion processAs for the uv paint is divided into two kinds, one is the ordinary bright surface coating uv paint, one is the roll coating uv paint (some factory publicity super wear-resistant paint) leaching uv paint often waxing, paint life Generally in 2 to 3 years (to produce a greater effect of degradation to calculate) and roller painting is only uv paint another process</p>

<p>3, identify the floor name: No matter what you buy the floor, be sure to let manufacturers in the invoice and sales orders on the floor name stated. This can also prevent cheating, once found the name of the problem, you can double the claim. Such as teak, teak (teak), we all know that teak is very valuable wood,<a href="">building a fence using deck boards</a>loose lay vinyl flooring can manufacturers to make money, such as the king of teak (actually picking Asian wood), Brazil teak (actually Shuangye hematoxylin) and many other similar names, the actual They have nothing to do with the teak, luxury level, far worse stability, but color, pattern slightly similar to the Bale</p>
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