What is the best choice of home decoration flooring?

What is the best choice of home decoration flooring?

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1, we fight the price, no profit, and then work hard on the quality of the floor, first of all, they use the b-class board,High quality outdoor fence the floor is not good, the floor is not good, Charge a board, or take 1/3 of the a-board added to the 2/3 of the b-class board, because the b-class board surface with insect eyes, two-color, white, scarring and putty and color to repair, You can not see this is the patch after the board,outdoor fence they only color in the board, do a good job in the slot and the back is also coloring, so you do not see this is a color plate, and color is also small, beautiful board.

2, but the color of the floor after the pavement, slightly over time, because the board is repaired, will crack, paint and other problems, and if you polish repair, due to color off, your floor, Have you ever seen Peking Opera? cheap porch floorBuy floor should pay attention to the notch and thickness: these two points is also very important, we all know that the standard floor thickness should be 18mm, but the market has a lot of 17.5mm floor, but I do not mean poor 0.5mm floor effect will be affected by Impact, the key is 17.5mm floor is less than the thickness of the board or curved plate with the restructuring.

3, and most of the drying plate is not good or the problem of stress is not resolved, so that the floor is dangerous, and its problems will be displayed in the pavement, the performance of the arch, corrugated, and the slot length is Manufacturers cut a jerryger another method,DIY deck the floor area is based on the width and length of the board to calculate, so the shorter the manufacturer slot, it will be wider board, so he virtually reduced the cost, and he so Do, causing damage to the consumer, the floor slot short, it is easy to produce a sound, the floor stepping up will be issued a squeak.
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