Wood flooring laying matters

Wood flooring laying matters

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Wood flooring because of its natural texture and warm texture, a lot of people pro-Lai one of the home improvement building materials. But if the floor is not laid, it is easy to cause late floor rot, tilt and other issues, so we laying the floor in the woodworking, South Perry Pine Resilient Vinyl Flooringwe must pay attention to check to see if there are any problems, such as problems, to resolve in time to avoid post-processing Up more trouble. The following Xiaobian give us about wood flooring laying process in the four common problems and solutions:
Question 1: There are hollow drums
The reason is fixed wood flooring caused by false, mainly hair board and keel, hair board and the floor nail number is small or nail is not strong, sometimes due to changes in sheet moisture caused by shrinkage or glue failure caused. Control methods in addition to strict acceptance of moisture content of sheet, wpc flooring buyer in usaadhesive and other quality, acceptance before use, outside the nail when installing should not be too small, and should ensure that nail, each laying a wooden floor, with no footsteps and then installed A piece, if any sound should be immediately rework.

Problem two: laying surface uneven
The main reason is the laying of grassroots uneven or wood flooring deformation due to arch. In the laying of construction, the application of the level of acceptance, on the keel surface level, if uneven laying should be padding adjustment. The keel should be done on the ventilation slot. Homemade Deck SeatingPaving the edge of the board from the wall should be set aside 10 mm of ventilation gap. Insulation layer of insulation materials must be dry, to prevent the operation of the floor after damp arches. Wood floor surface roughness error should be within 1 mm.

Problem three: patchwork lax
In addition to the laying of non-standard construction, the width of the plate size error and poor processing quality is also an important reason, diy composite flooring applicationin addition to carefully testing the construction quality of the floor, the installation should be flat mouth Mickey mouth plank, The module will be consistent with the floor after the gap mold nail.

Question four: local Alice drum
The main reason in addition to board moisture deformation, there are hair board patchwork is too small or seamless, the use of water pipes and other leakage caused by wet floor. In the construction to install the hair board to stay 3 mm gap, wood keel carved ventilated groove. Floor paving, brushing the floor paint should be complete film, daily use to prevent water flow into the lower part of the floor, to clean up the surface of the water in time.
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