Wood floor cleaning methods

Wood floor cleaning methods

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Kindergarten because of the special nature of the venue, plastic lumber prices melbournefor the safety of the children will generally choose a more moderate texture of wood flooring, then the wood floor in the course of the need to pay attention to do the daily cleaning and maintenance work. Here we introduce the wood floor cleaning method.

Wood floor cleaning methods

1. Clean all stains on the floor first, if there is glue or sticky dirt, how to build a picnic table and benches out of materialyou can use neutral detergent and cloth carefully worn away.

2. Sprinkle floor cleaner on the floor, wipe the dirt on the floor with a waxing machine, outdoor fireproof flooring deckand then use a dry mop to dirty water dragged, and then clean water.

3. To be dry after the floor, then water-based wax touch the floor sprinkle on the floor, even on the floor.

4. After waxing, wait about 20 minutes to dry the surface, then you can trample on it, composite wood trellises advantagesusually takes several hours to completely dry the floor, if there is heavy objects need to wait for the floor completely dry to move.

The above is the wooden floor of the daily cleaning and maintenance methods and steps, Cost of Timber Decking Generalappropriate for wood floor cleaning and maintenance, can make the floor durability and give full play to extend the service life.
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