Light-colored solid wood flooring gradually favored by consu

Light-colored solid wood flooring gradually favored by consu

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The color of the floor directly affect the decoration effect, nowadays a lot of people like a relaxed and bright decoration style, so in the floor selection, they love to choose fresh and bright, three-dimensional light-colored floor. Light-colored laminate flooring, light-colored laminate flooring in the market is not uncommon, but the light-colored solid wood flooring is relatively rare.
However, at present has been popular in Europe and America, light-colored solid wood flooring is quietly popular in the land of China, because light-colored solid wood flooring has many unparalleled advantages, such as environmental health, fresh and bright, three-dimensional sense, closer to nature, for Room decoration, highlighting the thick romantic fashion style. The so-called light-colored floor, is the light floor, that is, we often say that the nature of the floor.
Quality solid wood flooring in the production process of the floor itself is particularly high, can not be flawed, because the color is not any solid wood flooring paint and color precision, the floor directly to the transparent varnish coating on the floor surface, so that the floor is not Will be distorted, maintaining the natural texture of the wood itself, vividly reflects the wood grain sense and natural sense. Work in the unit of people feel stressful, can make people relax where it is home. Light-colored solid wood flooring is not only natural bright, close to nature, more people can have a relaxed mood, open feelings, has a warm and stylish feeling, which is why light-colored solid wood flooring is increasingly being more and more consumers Favor.
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