the building products

the building products

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<p>Waterproofing is one of the important functions of the building products, not only related to people's living and using environment, sanitary conditions, but also a direct impact on the life of the building. Waterproof construction of the building, according to its engineering site can be divided into: basement, roof, exterior wall, indoor kitchen and bathroom, floor swimming pool, roof garden indoor outside wood tiles and other waterproof; waterproof properties and construction practices can be divided into: rigid waterproof, Flexible waterproof and rigid-flexible combination of waterproof and so on.</p><p> In order to solve the waterproof problem of building engineering, we have actively introduced, developed and applied a large number of new materials, new technology and new equipment, and combined with Lite Weight White Wood Materials various kinds of equipment, such as construction, High-rise project waterproof characteristics and requirements, the selection of high tensile strength, elongation, aging resistance is good, the flexibility of the base stretch or cracking deformation flexibility or elasticity of the new waterproof material.</p><p> the use of anti-row Combined with rigid and flexible, composite waterproofing, the overall seal and the application of cold-sticking, hot-melt, welding, hot and cold combination of full sticky, sticky, empty shop or mechanical fixation and other integrated control <a href="">composite material suppliers uk</a>technology measures, Obvious effect. According to the characteristics of high-rise building works, as long as a reasonable waterproof design, careful selection, and actively promote the use of effective new materials, new technologies, new technology, new equipment, careful construction, maintenance.</p>
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