Solid wood flooring standard

Solid wood flooring standard

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"Solid wood flooring standard naming is imperative!" Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Association of Flooring announced that they have and the new floor with the city collected 100 kinds of solid wood flooring specimens, composite wood looking chips for landscaping and spent nearly a year to identify and regulate their naming, these specimens Will be open later this month. Recently, the Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, the floor of the Association of forest inspection stations and other units of the flooring market in Hangzhou were inspected. According to Lin, chief engineer of the station, the floor of the Association of Zhejiang Province, Fang Chongrong Secretary-General introduced in the "solid wood flooring fake rampant intensified," a reporter in the article, "70% of the floor to sell fake" and once mentioned "random checks more than 20 businesses , The proportion of public sales of fake goods more than 70% ", this statement should be corrected. The exact name should be expressed as "random checks of more than 20 businesses, pine tongue and groove fence most of the tree species name is not standardized, and some businesses will be the species name of this species into the tree species name, name deceptive acts of selling fake goods, such as some stores The 'two-winged wings' marked more valuable 'twin leaf hematoxylin' and so on. " It is understood that these non-standard naming of the floor, and some businesses directly to its own label on a reputation, and some are random standard floor, commonly known as, in order to allow consumers to have a stronger desire to buy, Sell ??a better price. It is reported that, after checking, many businesses have been corrected. Zhejiang solid wood flooring, whether it is the field of production or circulation, have a great impact in the country, a number of well-known brands in the country's market share is relatively high. Fang Chongrong said, "As the government and industry authorities, the floor every year to carry out supervision and inspection, wood composite panel facade making the overall situation continues to improve the direction of the overall rate of solid wood flooring around 65% .Most solid wood flooring well-known enterprises have been obtained by the national quality "In the interview, the World Friends of the long Sheng, Yongji and a number of well-known brands of flooring, told reporters that the brand building, integrity building is very important." In the interview, Huzhou Nanxun, focused on a number of well-known national brands and excellent flooring enterprises, many of the provincial floor Association members. Recently, the district government also specializes in organizing flooring enterprises, emphasizing the importance of brand building, ready to further standardize the name of the product quality to strengthen supervision and truly achieve the goal of building China's wood flooring. According to Huzhou City Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision Chen Youming introduced: These days they Huzhou some enterprises were checked, the overall situation is better. Fang Chongrong said that the name of wood flooring is the embodiment of quality wood and the price of the most basic information, can not appear "with wood different names" or "different wood with the same name" pvc privacy shower screens and other chaos. According to Fang Chongrong said, they will also be based on "solid wood flooring timber logo specification" to further increase the intensity of market supervision, while the sample through the specification to help the floor of the enterprise, Manufacturers to establish a fair, orderly and healthy market competition environment, is strictly prohibited the use of naming a unified standard process of unfair competition.
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