Wood floor of the beautiful glossy floor waxing maintenance

Wood floor of the beautiful glossy floor waxing maintenance

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<p>Wood flooring in the home decoration in the use of more and more, to the wood floor waxing is the main way to maintain the floor. Wood floor surface coated with a layer of wax, wax cured after the cut-off air, water vapor, dust, and can play slip, wear, anti-static effect. Waxing matters needing attention, 1, sunny waxing. High humidity in rainy days, waxing will produce white turbidity. At room temperature below 5 degrees, the floor wax will harden.</p>

<p>Waxing, do not use chemicals containing a cloth to wipe the floor, will cause the floor wax adhesion. 2, remove the floor surface dirt, use the vacuum cleaner to remove the floor surface of the garbage and dust. Wipe the floor with a diluted neutral detergent. For difficult to remove the stains can be satisfied with the water wipe. To prevent detergent buildup in the groove, soak the detergent wipers to try to wring. Floor wax remover will cause the floor to produce trace stains and bulging, absolutely can not be used, 3, fully dry, the floor surface and the Ministry of the Ministry of water trough completely dry after waxing.</p>

<p> According to the season, the time required also changes, but generally take more than half a day. If not fully dried, the floor wax will not be closely attached to the floor surface, affecting the appearance, resulting in whitening phenomenon. 4, the construction wax waxing the more the better, the more uniform the better. Wax in the 5 degrees - 40 degrees between the use of the best. Every 3-6 months or so to play a wax, you can keep the floor long-term appearance. Waxing steps, ready to use tools, large areas often use waxing waxing machine, a small area is the use of dust or soft cloth and so on. Now many people also have smaller, lighter weight waxing machine, waxing time can be easy to use. If there is no waxing machine, you can use dust push, soft cloth and other simple tools, do not look at the tool is simple, but the waxing effect is not necessarily bad, but may be more detailed. In addition, the need to prepare the appropriate floor wax.Clean the floor, in the beginning of waxing, you need to clean the floor area, to ensure that before waxing do not have dust or other dirt, to prevent waxing finish. Cleaning Generally wring the mop or a soft cloth to wipe the floor, clean, you need to wait for the floor completely dry before water waxing.</p>

<p> Start waxing, shake down the container with the floor wax, and stir well. With a clean rag or sponge to fully dip the floor wax, do not drop as a standard. Shake and stir evenly floor wax, can not be visible at the first local trial to confirm no abnormalities after the overall wax. And then use a clean cloth or special wax to push the full dip dipped in wood floor wax, wood flooring in accordance with the direction of the wood grain carefully coated, the speed should not be too fast, do not leak Tu or uneven thickness to keep thin thickness uniformity. Polishing, until the wax completely dry, with high-speed polishing machine polishing pad with uniform polishing to the surface can be bright. Waxing and polishing the ground, bright and clean, particularly good sense of the effect.</p>

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