Correct identification of floor life and cost

Correct identification of floor life and cost

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<p>1, to strengthen the floor, the manufacturers general publicity that available 10 to 15 years, I have even seen 20 years, you have to look at this issue, if you do not step on the pavement, not, for example, shop in the bed below the floor below the cabinet 15 years no problem, I can guarantee, but the shop is to use the floor, often step on the ground, such as the aisle, living room, etc., I would like to market the largest AC3 level it, about 2 to 3 years the effect of degradation , 5 years the longest, unless you use very carefully, very careful.</p>

<p>2, have fewer people at home, but such a cheap ground material is concerned, a little too much, since life is not too long, then the price is not expensive, believe me, strengthen the floor is not solid wood, then Computer print, color free to do, no brand on the ground after the shop, and he as a low-cost consumer goods point of view, you will buy the floor is appropriate, do not envy those who buy the high floor, affordable yourself Can be, and strengthen the floor of the cost of qualified products generally 38 yuan, selling 60 yuan / square meters of the floor is great, and then buy your expensive floor, grade will come here.</p>

<p>3, multi-storey parquet, their floor with the strengthening of the floor is about the same grade in Europe, the difference is more like a solid wood flooring, but because he is made of plywood veneer, so more difficult to control environmental protection, as the service life , In all flooring species, he is the shortest, and some even do not exceed 1 year, thanks to the surface of the paint, paint a bad, you will remove the floor bar, no repair, now on the market with the surface of 2mm Of the multi-layer solid wood, claiming to be polished N times, but because he is peeling or slicing the skin, once polished easily cracked, to dispel the idea of ??it.</p>
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