the home decoration

the home decoration

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<p>How to determine the performance of the home decoration when the paint is good or bad With the change of lifestyle, colorful paint has become the choice of many consumers for housing decoration. However, the choice of paint, be sure to choose good quality products, because it is not only related to the health of their families, but also on the growth and development of children wood used outside decks at home have an important impact. But in the face of so many painters, which is a good paint, how to judge? On the performance of oil-based paint, the following to tell you about how to determine whether a good paint products. </p><p>First, a good paint has a high solids content and a lower volatile organic compound content in a volatile solvent. High solid content of paint brushing area, so that the paint cost-effective. Low-solid paint prices are generally cheaper, brush to the same thickness, fullness to buy a lot. We should pay attention to paint solvent volatility, brushing a Maintain Wood Plastic Composite few days after smell the smell, indicating volatile quickly.</p><p> At the same time some paint a little faint smell, in fact, these paint contains toluene, xylene aromatic substances, there is a certain toxicity, the body is harmful. Secondly, a good good hardness of the paint, wear resistance is very good, it is the sticky material with the bottom of the larger, then its useful life is longer, better resistance to yellowing. Good paint transparency, and can fully reflect the characteristics of the substrate. Good paint after the construction of the paint film is more smooth, beautiful. Finally, a good paint with low levels of harmful substances. Paint harmful substances include volatile organic compounds, such as: benzene, toluene, xylene and other composite plastic wood boxes
aromatic solvents, as well as lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metals. These harmful substances on the body of the human body, especially children's body injury is great, so the state of these substances containing the paint is very strict requirements.</p>
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