the glue floor coverings

the glue floor coverings

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<p>/ cm3 or more. Country GB / T18102-2000 standards, the substrate density of greater than or equal to 0.80g / cm3 qualified. The higher the density of the substrate, the mechanical properties of the floor, the higher the impact resistance, but the flexibility is deteriorated. 6. The thickness swelling thickness swelling reflect the water resistance of the product, to cut through wood plastic composite</p>
<p> the lower the index value, the better the water resistance. Poor water resistance of the floor in a humid environment, the surrounding floor if Mifengbuyan may occur obvious swelling, causing dimensional changes. Excessive dimensional change caused by bagging the floor, thus affecting the life of the floor. Equivalent density product, the greater the thickness swelling,boat floor replacement composite</p>
<p> dimensional stability worse. National standards, thickness swelling should not exceed 10 Percent of the qualified, excellent product should be less than or equal to 5 Percent. 7.8. Product shrinkage reflects the degree of swelling index, according to the national standard, 0 to 10.0 Percent is size for composite decking in dubai report about</p>
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