furniture Wood hard

furniture Wood hard

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<p>In the use of quality will also find a wide gap. So, what is the old mahogany? New and old mahogany and those differences? The difference between new and old mahogany furniture Wood hard, delicate, can sink in water, generally more than 500 years to grow, it is different from other wood is the most obvious of its wood grain in the deep red, often with dark brown or Black stripes, gives the best tile for covered concrete patio feeling of antique. Old mahogany not only grow a long time, but also in the cutting after a hundred years after washing.</p><p> Now that the old mahogany in general refers to the middle of the Qing Dynasty imported from Southeast Asia mahogany, the old red wood is more generous, brown eyes slender, the proportion between the red sandalwood and pear. New and old mahogany material color comparison In color, the old exterior flooring panels Iran mahogany darker, mostly purple, and some color similar to red sandalwood, but lighter color, texture and delicate, brown eyes were less than the new acid wood, density, Feel good.</p><p> New mahogany general color yellow red, wood, color than the old mahogany has a "tender" feeling, texture, feel are not as good as the old mahogany. Why is there such a big difference? It turned out that the life of wood is not because of being cut down and terminated, its internal structure changes all the time all the time, but it is difficult to detect it. With the passage of time, mahogany will composite retaining wall timbers
be more and more close to the internal structure, increasing the proportion of hardness and weight, into the water that is Shen, and resistance to deformation is also stronger. The new mahogany generally use baking, etc.</p>
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