Wood floor maintenance measures

Wood floor maintenance measures

Postautor: harden » 11 paź 2016, o 08:46

1, can not use water, old fashioned verandas composite wood boardor alkaline, acidic water scrub the floor, so as not to damage the paint surface gloss.
2, near the window, the balcony door should cover the floor to live part, so as to avoid prolonged exposure, resulting in cracks or arch phenomenon.
3, the summer air-conditioning cooling, the best place to put a basin of water, Wood Composite Fencing Niceto prevent the floor due to loss of water shrinkage cracking.
4, the floor impact resistance is poor, should avoid heavy objects fall, gravity friction, damage the paint.Plastic Wood Lumber Cost
5, walking on the floor to wear soft soled shoes, tables and chairs at the foot of the pad or fabric wrapped with a cushion to prevent premature paint damageplastic paneling disadvantages.
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