For a long time disc beans beans flooring excellence

For a long time disc beans beans flooring excellence

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In the solid wood flooring market, for a long time has been a hot disc bean flooring wood species. The species of logs collected from the African virgin forest, is a fine wood flooring timber, heartwood was golden brown to reddish brown gradually transition, with dark striped stripes, rich natural luster. Variety of the natural environment, not only created a disc beans excellent stability and adaptability of wood, but also to make it a mysterious sense of Africa's virgin forest.
For a long time, the bean dish flooring, integration in the long-Sheng independent innovation of the "flexible surface" process, the natural properties of round beans to be fully upgraded, so that the quality and style are fully satisfied Heiner Sea atmosphere. Why long Sheng floor dare to "Million gold" to make a solemn promise?
Long-Sheng floor to vote 70 million huge sums of money to establish the world's six major raw material procurement base to ensure adequate health cycle and supply of raw materials. JiuSheng disk beans series of all the best part of the log, in strict accordance with the age, growth areas, drawn parts strictly divided, carefully selected in the tone close to the basis of consistent texture, selected fine plate, harsh to a century log Of the actual available material is only 20%.
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