integrated ceiling plate

integrated ceiling plate

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<p>The standard process installation of integrated ceiling plate is the key to the emergence of integrated ceiling, enriching people's living space on top of home. Exquisite integrated ceiling products, the need for perfect after-sale installation. How to install a beautiful, durable integrated ceiling it? First, the four sides of the membrane will be lifted off, but not composite vs wood fence Australia completely removed, so there are easy to follow the arrow on the membrane in the same direction. When installing the gusset plate, first wear white gloves.</p><p> The first row of the installation plate should be considered before doing cutting, cutting as much as possible to consider the overall aesthetic and symmetry on both sides, with a utility knife to cut the side of the wall, due to consider the flatness of the wall, it requires around the pinch Should be smaller than the actual size of 1mm. Cutting method: with a utility knife and ruler portrayed more than 5 times, 18mm high teak flooring in motorhome edge with scissors cut 90 ° angle of the incision, hand repeated 3-5 times can be. </p><p>Stuck in the triangular keel, the incision in the side frame and pull out the edge of the card side of the card will be clamping plate clamping. And so on to complete the first row of the pinch board installation. It is necessary to control the gap between the first row of ribs, because the subsequent installation of the pinch all depends on the engineered wood furniture for sale
first row of the installation. When installing the gusset plate, make sure that the spacing between the gusset plate is 0 and the four corners of the gusset plate are in the "ten" shape, and the height of the gusset plate should be consistent. Electrical than the deduction board weight, so need to be fixed machine screw.</p>
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