And the Yangtze floor

And the Yangtze floor

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2005 dealer meeting in Chongqing successfully held in autumn September, interior commercial wall panels Dan Gui-Gone with the Wind. September 25 -26 days, entitled "Terminal for the king to create brilliant" Yangtze floor Chongqing dealer conference held in Chongqing successfully. Chongqing, southwest of the political, economic, cultural, business center, for any brand enterprises, the importance of its market position are self-evident. 2005 is the Yangtze floor "market norms", "brand-building year" and "re-stage". We adhere to the "winning the terminal channels for the king" of the marketing strategy. This year, best decking material spain the majority of dealers in Chongqing colleagues with the joys, a total of forging ahead, the Yangtze floor in the Chongqing market brand image has been deeply rooted, but the brand building a long way to go, in order to further integrate the Chongqing market, strengthen the image of Chongqing market, Image, the company executives by the National Day "to create a conservation-oriented society, promoting conservation-oriented consumption, the purchase of conservation-type Yangtze floor," the activities of the machine held in Chongqing dealer meeting. At the meeting, deputy general manager of the Yangtze floor, floor, bear the total market environment and development trends that: As consumers continue to mature and rational, with the trend of increasing product homogeneity, flooring market opportunities and challenges coexist.
The market competition is changing rapidly, Xiong also Chongqing marketing and service center positioning problem; terminal image of the building; how to challenge as opportunities to expand the influence of the Yangtze floor brand and other issues in-depth exchange of views with dealers, the majority of dealers The recognition and praise. anti slip surface wpc docks floor At the meeting, the Yangtze floor Chongqing sales and service center manager Jiang Hongguo at the meeting on the status of the Chongqing market, the Yangtze flooring operation problems and improvement measures, made a cordial elaborate. He said: First, through the joint efforts of the majority of Chongqing Yangzi colleagues, the Yangtze brand image has begun to take shape, but the operation of the market, regional promotion, terminal image building, business philosophy, and so there is still a lot of work to do; Yangtze market has great potential, the prospects are good; Third, the Yangtze floor has been recognized by the vast number of consumers, usa anti slip boat wood floor the Yangtze as the industry's most potential brand, whether product structure or market operation, the Yangtze has entered a stable and healthy development stage, The second half is promising.
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