Outdoor floor construction procedures and routine maintenanc

Outdoor floor construction procedures and routine maintenanc

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<p>1. Construction conditions: Before the construction of outdoor wood construction must be completed and to be clean, the quality of the ground construction must meet the design requirements of architectural drawings.outdoor engineered wood porch <a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/3982.html">decking in 2x6x8</a> Decorative lighting and other may affect the outdoor wood works to wait until after the end of its construction to avoid cross-construction of outdoor wood construction and maintenance impact;</p>

<p>2. keel to take the suspension laying method: the keel in the base plane can be connected into a framework / frame structure, and then laying outdoor floor; basic keel spacing is generally horizontal and vertical 30-50CM (determined by the outdoor floor thickness), keel spacing The height of more than 50cm, the foundation must be further reinforced (angle or stakes, the other);deck and fence stain <a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/4065.html">artificial wood flooring for boats</a> part of the wooden structure, if necessary, should also be done drainage treatment: such as wood keel Wood keel according to customer requirements brush fire retardant coating (price extra); (preservative wood keel installation diagram and notes separate note)</p>

<p>3. Floor installation: the installation of outdoor flooring, wood to be left between the gap 0.2-1CM (according to the wood moisture content and then determine the gap size, wood moisture content of more than 30% should not exceed 0.8CM as well) to avoid the rain product Water and wood expansion;<a href="http://externalfloor.com/product/3197.html">holland sport flooring dealers</a> custom fence panels floor interface must be flat, the other should be rounded treatment, so that no significant level difference, no obvious loosening, the overall laying of flat solid;</p>
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