Green flooring Nine

Green flooring Nine

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Nine wooden floor bamboo flooring, with a specification of solid wood flooring, the end of September than in the first half of the sales price rose 20 yuan per square meter. Do not say that consumers, even dealers are difficult to ward off. composite timber decking supplier Recently, the reporter learned from the major building materials stores, although most of the solid wood flooring distributors have introduced special solid wood flooring, the price of wood flooring, But still difficult to cover up the momentum of the price of solid wood flooring which, especially in South America wood, such as Solanaceae (market commonly known as Pogg), balsam papaya (red sandalwood), iron wire (red sandalwood) The increase in the floor of the wood, such as beans (dragon and phoenix sandalwood), twin leaves hematoxylin (South American teak), heavy ants wood (red sandalwood), is up to about 10% from the beginning of the year, and some even close to 20%. Popular wood flooring on the market to South American timber-based, raw material shortage caused by solid wood flooring prices all the way up. Business-white competition makes profit down to freezing point, too many uncertain factors so that dealers do not want backlog of inventory. Reason why two kinds of policy restrictions and compared to previous years, wpc uses in building constructions why this year's flooring price changes so much it? Solid wood flooring prices probably do not change the recent trend of the reasons for the three strengthen the floor of the floor of the floor, Impact "Now more wood flooring manufacturers began to switch to multi-layer solid wood, laminate flooring, three-layer solid wood and other directions, because the strengthening of the floor, multi-layer solid wood flooring prices are relatively stable. "A brand floor northwest marketing center, said Cheng," solid wood flooring from the slotted lacquer processing from logs, reclaiming trees are more than 30 years of age, the dependence on natural resources is relatively large, colors can be customized flower box raw material mining is limited, so In terms of price will be higher than other varieties, and laminate flooring and parquet requirements for raw materials to be much lower than the solid wood flooring, usually 10 years the following species, the core competitiveness of their products is processing links, processing equipment, good or bad Determine the merits of the product. "At the end of the interview, attractive composite decking suppliers the wooden floor dealer suggested that consumers, in order to avoid the solid wood floor prices caused unnecessary losses, for decoration or decoration of consumers, may wish to order a month in advance to cope with possible future price increases .
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