countries and laminate flooring

countries and laminate flooring

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<p>natural wood pattern good as true, the middle layer is a high density substrate is not wood fiber structure, the lowermost layer paste the balance sheet. Thickness 8MM-12MM, which made four times chamfered, called imitation parquet. Abrasion resistant layer is the outermost layer of the transparent layer, the ruby ??and sapphire body of its raw materials, scientific name aluminum oxide (AL2O3).installing engineered hardwood floors</p>
<p>Decorative layer, ie the floor surface to the naked eye can see a realistic kind of decorative wood layer. Parquet surface for high-quality hardwood slats mosaic specifications plate. Laminate flooring wear mainly in the surface layer of the floor has a high wear resistance of aluminum oxide covered thereon. Laminate flooring national eligibility standards are: 1,laminate flooring underlayment</p>
<p>household use wear rotation of 6,000 rpm or more; 2, public places or commercial wear revolution is 9000 rpm or more. So with the protection of aluminum oxide wear layer, laminate flooring of the most rugged and durable. Cork flooring among all flooring, cork flooring is a special floor, because it is the base of oak bark, oak bark due to the special bubble cell structure,prefabricated deck available on the screws</p>
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