Solid wood flooring gap increases

Solid wood flooring gap increases

Postautor: qweasd » 12 paź 2016, o 04:03

Solid wood flooring adjacent two floor tenon groove between the separation of the phenomenon of separation.

Solid wood flooring between the main reasons for the emergence of a large gap,Vinyl Boat Flooring Material the plate suffered extreme dry environment, too much water loss, the floor between the tongue and groove phenomenon from the seam, the direct reason is:

(1) from the wet spring and summer into the relatively dry autumn and winter season, wood plastic composite decking ratingscontinuous abnormal dry weather is only a solid wood floor, a large degree of water within the make ends meet.

(2) direct sunlight exposure.

(3) long open air conditioning, doors and windows closed, no moist air added.Marine Paintable Composite Decking Materials

(4) pavement reserved for the gap between the larger floor, terrace swimming pool with wooded deckthe gap encountered in the dry weather even more obvious.

Encountered extreme dry weather, due to timely measures to take room moisture. Daily life should be avoided near the windowsill of the floor for a long time exposed to direct sunlight, long time to open the air conditioning, because attention to open the indoor humidifier at the same time. If the gap due to pavement caused by a larger gap between the tongue and groove, you can consider re-paving solid wood flooring.
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