"I think I need to do more in the control team, "

"I think I need to do more in the control team, "

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"I think I need to do more in the control team, " Parke said. "To make sure that people play in the Spurs' tradition, selfless, share the ball, focus on winning in addition to winning the championship. "

Parke is trying to transition to be Kidd's point guard. Last season he averaged a lot less than 10 shots in the actual field, the lowest since his / her rookie season. "With age and encounter with new people, everyone will experience the transition period, " the team opponent Manu Ginobili said, "we expect him to carry on in that direction, a new role inside team, now we don't require him every game together with 20 points and 10 facilitates. "

Popovich also believes of which Parke's transition is healthy and necessary. "He did well, as David did pertaining to Tim and Tim intended for NBA 2k17 Coins, " Popovich said. "The ball needs to function. Toni finds himself within this respect. In training he will find a good team mate. "

Want out of the particular west, the Spurs need to be ready for Stephen - Curitiba, Chris - Paul, Russell - Westbrook and Damian - Lillard impression, it will be quite a job for Parke. "I'm just playing on your ball, " Parke said. "I just care in relation to winning and winning. If you can win a couple championships before retiring. "

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