Decorative wood floor

Decorative wood floor

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<p>Decorative wood floor to pay attention to pest control From the appearance of insects do not look like the floor to eat wood insects. Insects of wood must have worm eyes, and Ms. Chen home floor smooth, not dry and maintain a certain moisture content, it will kill the wood may exist in the insects and eggs. In addition, the finished solid wood flooring outside to all the paint, even if there composite front house with side panels are no insects will be killed by suffocation. Therefore, qualified solid wood flooring will not put insects and eggs into the room.</p><p> Wood keel can not be taken lightly. Experts advise, not to be taken lightly, pavement solid wood flooring need to use the keel, people tend to focus on the choice of the floor, rarely will carefully check the keel is defective or insects, wood keel is usually not high temperature processing, Leaving insects or eggs hidden dangers and humidity when the temperature may be the erosion of insects and bring disaster to the floor. Therefore, experts suggest that, although the can i use composite deck tiles on stairs possibility of raw wood floor insects is not any insects, so you can determine, the insects are likely to come from outside the environment, such as with the purchase of vegetables or fruits carry her home.</p><p> Yang, deputy researcher of the floor, said the insects in Beijing, this relatively dry place is very rare. General wood flooring raw insects is the reason for the floor of the crevices are relatively large, dirty stuff easy to breed bugs down. Therefore, when the floor in the shop, in addition to reserving the necessary amount of expansion, but also try not to leave a big gap. The floor itself will not have insects, insects are allowed to use the logs, which can not help but worry that plastic composite picnic table there will be insects to follow our floor to our room. Experts tell us that the production of solid wood flooring in the process, high-temperature baking is essential for a process. This process is carried out in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, and the wood is sufficiently dried. But be careful to check the keel, and put the required insecticide to prevent pests.</p>
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