Five Common Diseases of Solid Wood Flooring and Their Diagno

Five Common Diseases of Solid Wood Flooring and Their Diagno

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Sound: As the quality of the floor laying is not high, people will move in the above issued a crunching sound, after hearing very uncomfortable. To this end, pay attention to the keel and the ground, between the floor and the keel solid, with the number and length of the appropriate nails. At the same time, to prevent the keel spacing is too large or too high water content, or laying loose after drying shrinkage will also cause some impact.outdoor decking
Dirty board: refers to some of the floor paint, gives an unclean "gray" feeling, and some even clearly visible footprints. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep the plate clean after the sanding. Flower face: the use of the same species of lath, the color will be a big difference. If the laying of improper, it is easy to show a "painted face." In the use of lacquer wood flooring laying, especially the great color of wood slats, you should consider the selection and deployment of slats, so that the color of the floor from shallow to deep, or gradually deep into the shallow transition.WPC flooring
Drums: Some flooring in the shop, the damp expansion and the emergence of drums. This is mostly around the floor with the environment, especially the foundation is too influx of water or a relationship with the floor. To ensure that the floor can not afford to drum, pay attention to three points: First, the end of civil engineering, can not immediately laying solid wood flooring; Second, if the bedroom in a humid environment, to lay moistureproof floor is appropriate; Of the water content can not be less than 6%. Qiao Qiao: This is mainly because the solid wood floor has not been caused by the formal drying process. So the installation can be covered with a layer of plastic film below the floor, on the one hand play a moisture-proof and prevent the role of the floor from Alice, on the other hand has a certain sound insulation effect. In addition two or three days in advance to place the floor to lay the indoor, so that the temperature of the wood to adapt to the room, but also anti-Alice.patio PVC fence
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