wood flooring and laminate flooring

wood flooring and laminate flooring

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Reporters in the store to see, solid wood, wood flooring and laminate flooring have introduced a parquet products, and parquet in addition to different wood species, the color of the wood splicing, with, the surface of the pattern patterns are many, there is a blend of marble, Valuable wood species and other materials products, color and diverse, color changeable, really attractive to the eye. Parquet flooring although good-looking, but the price is not cheap. According to report, the general price of solid wood parquet in 1000 yuan / square meters, and some also reached 4,000 yuan / square meters; parquet parquet prices are generally 500 yuan / square meter -800 yuan / square meter ; Even strengthen the parquet floor, the price is 300-500 yuan / square meter. Parquet flooring individuality needs of the inevitable product store for large-scale display, there will be parquet flooring business as the second half of the flagship product, the industry also introduced parquet flooring is held in March of the protagonist of the floor all this can not help but ask questions : Why the parquet flooring has become the flagship product of many enterprises?

Many enterprises concerned about the reasons for it? Consumer demand is to promote a large number of parquet flooring is an important reason for this is the industry a large number of debut parquet floor consensus. As the consumer demand for decorative improvement, more and more people expect to use high-end, personalized products, parquet flooring through the design and spelling of innovation, with the general product Different decorative effect, so by some consumers. At the same time, corporate products also require personality. Insiders said that the homogenization of the flooring industry has been more serious in the wood species, the application of features such as repeated publicity, the selling point is running out, the introduction of parquet flooring, which can meet the needs of some owners of personalized materials, But also reflects the enterprise's design and production capacity. While the designers are also in this trend has played a boost role. Designers looking for fresh materials also contributed to the development of parquet flooring.
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