wooden floor

wooden floor

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Easy to create a very warm family atmosphere favored by consumers, the use of home decoration has also been very common. As the solid wood flooring is made of activated wood, there is a strong ability to absorb water, encountered humidity, least expensive patio floor optionstemperature and other external environmental changes, will be followed by expansion or contraction deformation, so the maintenance work is very important.

In the laying of solid wood flooring must be sealed wax processing, which is regularly on the general Mianqi floor waxing, an average of three months time, mainly to protect the floor paint film. So as not to be affected by the climate of dry and wet, greatly reducing the floor of the contraction and expansion.

Fine weather is a necessary condition for waxing. plastic walls for cargo vansThe surface of the floor must be cleaned of dust before it is waxed, and the surface of the floor is carefully examined and dried. In order to prevent floor wax pollution baseboard and furniture, can be covered with tape and other parts of the above. Shake and stir evenly floor wax, can not be visible at the first local trial to confirm no abnormalities after the overall wax. And then use a clean rag or special wax towel full dip dipped in floor wax, Composite Cement Floor Outsidewood grain in accordance with the direction of the floor carefully applied to maintain uniform thickness is the key to waxing, not on the floor wax directly on the wood floor, or will produce marks Stains and ring marks. To get a shiny effect, each play once the wax must be wiped with a soft cloth to polish, pay special attention to floor seams. Each playing again, to be dry, with very fine sandpaper polished surface, wipe clean, repeat the second time.

Wood flooring waxing cycle depends on the size of the flow of people, such as a large flow of people, you can wear the wax surface to determine the waxing time. Summer rainy season, air humidity, to be ground clearance, the use of temperature control function or dehumidifier to reduce indoor humidity, to prevent excessive humidity wooden floor, Cost of Eon Balcony Floorsresulting from drum deformation. Any product, if you want to perfectly reflect its value, the intrinsic quality is only one aspect, the other is the use and maintenance. If used or properly maintained, wood flooring can be used for decades or bright and clean as new.
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