also choose to hang the root shower curtain

also choose to hang the root shower curtain

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<p>Super regret toilet toilet is a glass, super easy to stain, should use ceramic. 19. In fact, can not buy a few dollars, buy not to sell fine, to believe that the sky will not be plain out of the stuffing. A house decoration down to million units, or more to the market to see, shop around and never out of date. Do not buy at the meeting by the so-called &quot;bargain division&quot; blowing the mind a hot spot orders. 20. regret bedside forget to switch, every time off the lights off, the winter is very sad. 21. regret to buy a cheap hardware, </p>
<p>bathroom hardware, such as leading is definitely a sub-price goods. 22. Renovation as far as possible not to stay rub the place, the corner is difficult to engage in health. 23. The future plans to have children's family, must be considered a good size, in the bed next to the crib can be set aside for the location. 24. It is recommended that all leading are equipped with hot and cold water pipes, decoration, spend a little more than spend a lot of money, after trying to remedy super difficult. 25. The room is not practical layout of </p>
<p>the less the better the pasted on the torn not out of the morning and evening out of date! 26. Buy anything to pay attention to the size of the door inside the house, do not buy do not move into. 27. Solid wood flooring Feet good but need maintenance, clean up the floor to facilitate the complex. 28. regret to buy invisible door. In the useless, and want to open ventilation are trouble. 29. walk-in closet is good, but relatively easy to fouling, open shelves, shelves, etc. (no door of the kind), good-looking is good-looking, </p>
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