Challenges in Innovative

Challenges in Innovative

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<p>Challenges in Innovative Solid Wood Flooring consumer market any one small fluctuations are due to "butterfly effect" and may change the living space of enterprises, but also changed the original development trend and industrial pattern. Further down, we will find that a far-reaching change in the industry behind, often derived from one or more of the revolutionary "engine" to promote. Technological innovation will undoubtedly become an important driving force behind this reform force, which is not only the strategic idea of ​​enterprise development, but also an important means to deal with market competition. </p><p>The development of solid wood flooring industry, initially based on a lot of resource consumption on the basis. In the early development of solid wood flooring, immature market consumption concept, resulting in the vast majority of enterprises regard the development of high-quality wood species as the main means of market competition and rely on price strategy to rapidly expand sales, completely ignored the brand building and service follow-up . </p><p>Coupled with the limited enterprise equipment and technology problems, generally low rate of output. With the strengthening of domestic and international awareness of the protection of resources and the development of high-quality wood species over, and now solid wood flooring <a href="">wall paneling outlet form Singapore</a>
companies in the choice of wood space is getting smaller and smaller, previously high-quality wood species and low-cost parallel development model has been {HotTag } Is not suitable for the current overall environment.</p>
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