Thick floors Xinchang

Thick floors Xinchang

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Xinchang small bamboo products broke into the world market. rot resistant flooring waterproof exterior decking At the end of last year's Clinton Library celebration, the former US President George W. Bush, Carter, Clinton and current President George W. Bush set foot on the shiny solid floor, do not believe it is bamboo do. When they learned that this is China's "blessing of bamboo" production of the floor, repeatedly praised: This is really a miracle! Zhejiang Fu Tai Bamboo Co., least expensive deck railing Ltd. is how the product broke into the United States? It is understood that the United States Clinton Library to the world for decorative materials, in thousands of flooring species, after repeated screening and comparison, with more than a year, and finally set China's "blessing bamboo" and two Europe enterprise. In the final battle of the tripartite confrontation, the "blessing of bamboo" to win, 15,000 square meters of bamboo flooring and bamboo decorative materials finally appeared in the Clinton Library. Not long ago, "Fuk big bamboo" production of a bamboo conference tables and chairs and flew to the Madagascar Presidential Palace. In the first half of this year, best wood to use for park bench Madagascar President Mrs. Madison International Bamboo and Rattan guests, was a set of bamboo tables and chairs to attract, she was amazed, and entrusted to the international bamboo and rattan organization responsible person to "blessing big bamboo" customized. "Bamboo Bamboo" is the first to achieve comprehensive utilization of bamboo environmental protection enterprises, the utilization of bamboo up to 95% or more, in addition to the production of bamboo flooring, bamboo plastic sheet, bamboo charcoal three products, but also developed a series of Products with high-tech products, such as bamboo fiber, bamboo carbon nano-carbon, the products are exported to Europe and the United States and Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions. This year, the company and the US Natural Foundation Construction Design Institute, taking into account the toughness of bamboo, the growth cycle is short and so on to bamboo and wood, the successful trial of bamboo housing structural materials, and the first time in China earthquake-prone Pingbian County, Yunnan primary school teaching upstairs. outdoor composite fencing ideas At present, the widespread use of bamboo by the international recognition. Not long ago, "blessing big bamboo" and the world's top 500 enterprises, the famous sporting goods company Brunswick reached a consensus with bamboo for the production of brand-name sporting goods. Recently, Mr. Boer, the father of Australian windmill, put forward the idea of ??using bamboo material to manufacture wind turbine blades, and carried out experimental tests, the effect is good, has sent a special trip to "Fu large bamboo" to seek cooperation and development.
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