Decorative floor types

Decorative floor types

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<p>1. Porcelain polished tiles, it is very popular at home and abroad a new type of decorative materials, with hard wear-resistant, antifreeze antifouling, Naisuan Jian, bright gorgeous,<a href="">Wood Plastic Floor Manufacturer</a> durable as new features. Decorative effect can be compared with the granite.WPC Flower Box Its kind of glaze polished tiles, granite polished tiles, Symphony polished tiles and bleaching tiles four series of hundreds of varieties.</p>

<p>2. Non-slip, wear-resistant floor tiles, floor tiles in this plastic material is mixed with the right amount of emery or other hard wear-resistant materials, by mixing, mixing, extrusion, rolling made of floor blocks or floor tiles.<a href="">Moisture Proof Outdoor Wall Panel</a> With good wear-resistant, non-slip performance, and both waterproof, anti-oil, anti-acid-base performance, health and decorative effect is good.High quality Villa Complex PVC fence Producers in the domestic patent.</p>

<p>3. Soft stone floor (decorative new favorite) It is a natural marble powder and a variety of polymer materials synthesis of a new generation of high-grade building decoration materials. It has natural marble texture, but also a special pattern and performance, with soft, light, strong, non-slip, fire retardant, easy to install, is inexpensive a line with the trend of environmentally friendly decorative materials.<a href="">Solid Composite Wood Flooring</a> China's government and relevant departments, the promotion of the use of green building materials attaches great importance to the soft stone floor with energy-saving pollution-free, recyclable advantages,PVC backyard fence more and more experts and consumers favor, as nowadays consumption of new fashion.</p>
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