Maintenance of solid wood flooring steps

Maintenance of solid wood flooring steps

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1, to prevent a strong lasting sun exposure or rain soaked solid wood flooring; to prevent the balcony,Wood Plastic Terrace Decking bathroom, kitchen, etc. water overflow, remember to close all water facilities, Sunlight Resistance Wood Plastic BoardStraight blow and bake wood floors; to avoid prolonged open the door, open the door and cause the outside wind straight blow solid wood flooring.

2, solid wood flooring pavement should be admitted in two weeks, Low Carbon Composite Wood Materiala long time not live or often do not live in the room, should be put in the room and a few pots of water or use the humidifier to maintain humidity; rainy season should strengthen ventilation. Keep the room not too dry or damp.

3, grease, paint, ink and other special stains can be wiped with a special scouring oil; blood stains, juice, wine, beer and other residual stains with a wet rag or dipped in an appropriate amount of solid wood floor cleaning agent wipe; Custom Made Affordable Wall Panelwax and chewing gum, Ice on top for a while, so that the contraction of the frozen, and then gently blowing, and then use a damp cloth or dipped in a moderate amount of solid wood floor cleaner wipe. In short, can not use strong acid-base liquid clean solid wood flooring.
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