stage of modification

stage of modification

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Strengthen the floor prices go lower and lower, the macro-resistant Wood Group President Li Wei believes that strengthening the floor should be how much does composite wood weigh synchronized with the popular, with the introduction of new models to meet the personalized needs of home life characteristics of products, so the floor is inevitable price increases.

Strengthen the flooring industry is resource-based industries, the future will be only 30 to 50, and then after 5 to 10 years of market baptism,lace township white cedar lumber the final will be three or five strong brands occupy the market. Strengthen the national standard wood flooring will soon be introduced China Forest Products Industry Association and the Panel confirmed that wood flooring to strengthen national standards have entered a substantive stage of modification.

this year will soon be introduced.composite decking brand comparison It is understood that the new national standard modified formaldehyde emission classification indicators and test methods, the formaldehyde emission of less than or equal to 0.5mg / L of the floor is divided into E0 level.
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