Flooring companies need to adjust the strategic direction

Flooring companies need to adjust the strategic direction

Postautor: harden » 17 paź 2016, o 07:44

Now, although the flooring profession to gradually diversify, the level of competition in the company more and more widely, but the goods as the core of the company, is the most essential work. The need to constantly change the consumption of large sets of scenery, the development of the flooring business needs to be adjusted, the only product development based on the direction of change, the company can open the largest shopping malls. At the same time, according to market environment to adjust the strategic direction, but also become the focus of the current floor of the enterprise.

From the current floor shopping malls, although the pace of career development has slowed, but the trend of shopping malls warmer has not been blocked. On the one hand, due to the country to speed up the process of urbanization, the property market continued to introduce the New Deal, career development space is not shrinking, the sale needs to increase; the other hand, all flooring companies are seeking effective measures to deal with the crisis, Although difficult to carry out, but also expect unlimited.

With the development of the Internet, the floor of the traditional way of business will change, diversification of the sale will inevitably become the way to sell. In the increasingly fierce competition in the floor shopping set, the offer will become a weapon means to accelerate the reshuffle of the entire career, and dealer profit margins will be compressed. On the floor of the enterprise, "O2O" is the future of the company to a trend in the transformation of electricity. By means of electricity providers, consumers can easily be able to collect all kinds of appropriate goods. In the electric business on the basis of the traditional store's function is bound to be more comprehensive.
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