Buy Floor Method

Buy Floor Method

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1, the surface quality: visual inspection glazed surface

Qualified wood floor should not have cracks, sandwich and glazed cracking phenomenon; the back of the floor should not have a depth of 1/2 thick bumps; the floor should be basically the same color;DIY Wood Plastic Composite Deck from the floor 1 m observation, good wood flooring There should be no edge stripping, ripple, lack of glaze, brown eyes, the front can be broken and other surface defects.

2, various rates: detection of the floor density and water absorption

Pinch the corner of the floor to lift the floor, with metal objects gently tap the floor surface,Best Price Of PVC Fencing listen to the sound. In general, the sound crisp density, high strength, water absorption is small, the quality of the floor better; the other hand, the sound boring dumb floor density is smaller, lower strength, water absorption, floor quality is poor.

3, size check: the size of the size error

Good wood flooring on the scope of the error has strict requirements. Building Wood Plastic Wall Panel In general, the length and width of the error, plus or minus should not exceed 0.8mm; thickness of the error, Contractors Of Swimming Pool Flooring plus or minus should not exceed 0.3mm. Check, should be random sampling, that is, in different boxes sampling inspection, the total number of about 10%, but not less than three.

4, flatness inspection: contrast flatness and Founder degree

Free to take two floors, face to face posted in a piece, to see if there is Gu Qiao. And then rotate the floor 90 degrees relative to see whether the surrounding is still overlap. If the floor surface is closely attached, no drum Alice, rotation is still basically the same around the periphery, it can be considered that the investigation of wood floor Founder and flatness is better.
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