"Living room wood flooring color selection

"Living room wood flooring color selection

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The living room color determines the living room gives the first impression, then the living room wood flooring what color look good? Below recommended several of the most popular living room wood floor color, we can refer to!

Beige wood flooring
M white tiles more suitable for modern simplicity more stylish housing design,As Seen on the Block Deck use this color of wood flooring will be able to meet the design style of the space, but the size of the wood floor or look at the designer's specific recommendation.

Antique tiles
In fact, if you want to know the living room wood floor what color is good, wood cement composite floorsmainly based on the living room decoration style, of course, we also see indoor light is suitable. For example, your home is pastoral or similar to the pastoral and European, then the living room wood flooring color selection can use antique color bricks, Garden Furniture Composite Materialsmarble decals are also good; but if your home is a modern minimalist style, then do not use white wood flooring Colour. If your indoor light is not enough, choose the color of wood flooring should try to use light.

Wood flooring
Public space to maximize circulation, this design is to allow us to try to free activities,non slip matting for decking breathing, family members can have no grudges between each other laugh, exchange. In the material, wood-wood flooring, color ceramic mosaic, mud-colored antique brick, sky blue, yellow cake, copper lighting ... ... all the materials are all unnecessary to remove the embody of the expression.
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