The fixed position that how floor enterprise

The fixed position that how floor enterprise

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The fixed position that how floor enterprise determines him shows nowadays, of industry of be accompanying floor begin ceaselessly, the agonistic situation between the company also is to be sent more serious, on the floor bazaar of instantly, many floor company numerous and complicated feel the pressure that comes from each respect, of capital climb litre of gain space that caused a company ceaselessly lower and lower, this makes floor company must idea tries capital of cut gain, in order to get vivosphere. Capital is climbed litre cause pressure of floor company competition to increase pervade as what manufacture a technology, prices rises and the industry stands different strength to be no good, place of floor industry instantly puts the melt into thin air of capital dominant position that be in, plus the press hard on of Internet commerce form many floor companies are adjusting directional expectation transition to get future, but the traditional form in a few years when floor industry begins is in new time advantage nothing left, be dedicated to changing transition Fang Nengmou seeks future. Former former times in 30 years, of the our country course of study that make grow to rely on two crucial point basically, it is capital, it is a program. This is our country those who make is special competence, and capital dominant position is progressively now lose. Cheap and fine time already ended now, today's our country, true good commodity has its value necessarily, had good value to want only, just have good profit, just have good development, just have good investment, form benign loop. Blind lane of dozens of big price war, want poor alienation only, the favour that high quality commodity ability gains the middle class. On the market that floor company transition needs to look for standard way to be added stage by stage in capital pressure, transition upgrades become many floor companies to argue the way that develops. But the transition of floor company and upgrade be not easy thing, want those who achieve ambition to begin action to still need to seek standard way. This needs floor company to undertake from two respects: On one hand, floor company should the Baconian actual strength of aggrandizement oneself, especially the development of commodity and service establishs different ability. In the bazaar of this supply exceeds demand, without exceedingly good commodity, be sure lose bazaar; this exceedingly good behave the poor dissimilation in commodity, individuation, quality, respect such as environmental protection not only, on the level that also behaves the power that develops in commodity and service, want company commodity to establish different only from beginning to end follow closely or lead time tide, just can obtain greater service excessive value and gain space. On the other hand, floor company should promote brand operation understanding ceaselessly. In this commodity coessential the time that spend, in this wine sweet also be afraid of alley child difficult time, the company must establish brand recognition, establish brand strategy, make good brand promotion, of course, brand operation is known most of crucial point is a company should change to immaterial value level from the corporeal value that pays close attention to commodity, the ceaseless abstraction, culture value that promotes commodity and company, let consumer turn company brand into the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch of culture, touch a client in order to serve, gain market. Consequently, on the floor bazaar of instantly, do not have any company begin won't encounter difficulty, annulus place is made in the industry relatively low below confused setting, of floor company begin still need to seek standard way, have transition of specific aim ground, floor company ability achieves ambition begin action.
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