The right choice of wood-plastic floor, grasp the texture of

The right choice of wood-plastic floor, grasp the texture of

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<p>WPC plastic floor, also known as the floor, is directly from the processing of environmentally friendly materials, warm and natural, gives a sense of freshness back to nature. Wood flooring is very environmentally friendly, how should we buy high-quality wood-plastic flooring it? What are the differences between good and bad wood-plastic floor? WPC good or bad resolution: First, the differences between materials and producing areas, we must first pay attention to fake The name of the tree species name and identification of the results do not match, and mostly shoddy, such as birch posing with maple (maple), teak with fake tealeaves, etc., to the consumer caused a misleading (commonly used Tree name and misleading market name see the previous part of the commonly used species name list), false and true price is not comparable.</p>

<p> In addition, because the timber is a natural product, the same kind of timber produced in different areas of quality, the price is different, such as teak, Indonesia, Africa has produced, but the quality of Myanmar produced the best, the price is higher; Production of balsam pear, Paraguay, produced a strong flavor, color is more bright. These differences will eventually be reflected in the price, so pay attention to screening in the purchase, do not be confused by low prices. Second, the difference between the processing technology, wood flooring in the processing process to go through dozens of process.</p>

<p> and some can be intuitively seen on the product, some do not see it, but to enhance the quality of great help, these are Need a certain price, such as the rationality of the billet to be a large number of funds, six sealed lacquer process will increase the cost, especially the use of new technology and imported equipment production of products, the cost to increase more. Another example is the cost of imported paint or wood wax oil painting is relatively higher, which in the end will lead to different costs. Third, the difference between natural defects, solid wood flooring is a natural product, so there must be natural defects, under normal circumstances, the fewer natural defects, the higher the level, the higher the price. But in fact, the current level of China's wood flooring industry, the actual production level can really meet the quality standards of excellent flooring business is very small, most of them are qualified goods or first-class goods, so pay attention to the issue of virtual standard.</p>

<p>Some manufacturers tend to be the product of superior grade or AAA grade, in fact, simply can not reach. Fourth, the specifications of the difference, the floor is very common specifications are usually relatively low prices, in fact, mostly belong to the handling of goods, such as the big board to the problem of small plates, or scrap and so on. Buy the floor of the floor is very common The most afraid of the problem is: If the floor a small area problems, it is difficult to market in the same specification to the floor, in order to completely repair only complete removal or replacement of two options.</p>

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