easy maintenance

easy maintenance

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<p>Advantages: color varieties, with a strong wear resistance, easy pavement, without polishing, painting, waxing, and easy maintenance. Disadvantages: water or exposure may have anti-Alice deformation. Solid wood composite flooring porch flooring t and g calculator Norway and laminate flooring laminate flooring and the stability of the stability of solid wood flooring in one, but also has environmental advantages.</p><p> Quiet floor for the crowd: like a quiet family. Antibacterial flooring on the market most of the current use of composite silver ions for antibacterial mildew, there are also ways to use biological antibacterial, that is, in the back of the floor plus anti-bacterial agent. Consumers pay attention to identifying antibacterial markers issued by the antimicrobial association. For the family: the home of the weak resistance of children and the elderly.</p><p> Cork flooring Currently on the market there is a commonly known as the "sandwich" soft wood mute floor, it is a put wood railing on concrete steps Singapore combination of cork and laminate flooring, the bottom of the cork, the surface of the composite floor, the middle layer is a layer of MDF, its thickness Up to 13.4 cm, when people walk in the top, the bottom of the cork can absorb part of the sound, play the role of sound reduction. Suitable for families: all families with floor needs.</p>
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