good, good size. Floor drain

good, good size. Floor drain

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<p>much as possible to install the power plug. 12, shoe partitions do not do head, leave a little space so that the ash can leak to the bottom of the shoe, sink and gas stove top of the lamp. Set the location of the bathroom floor drain must first think good, good size. Floor drain is best located on the side of the brick, if the middle of the brick, then, no matter how the tilt brick, floor drain will not be the lowest point. 13, the bathroom, air-conditioning socket are not designed to switch.Especially the bathroom electric water </p>
<p>heater to a double-level switch with a plug is appropriate.To turn off the electric, pull the plug at risk. 14, on the angle of the brick part of the treatment in the final analysis is to look at the level of workers. If the level of good mud workers, and grinding tools, tile is better, then it should not hesitate to choose the practice of grinding 45-degree angle. From the effect point of view, as long as the mill is good, grinding 45-degree angle of the sun angle approach is the most beautiful! If the level of the workers really do not like, </p>
<p>then you choose to use the sun angle bar, because the grinding of the bad 45 Degree angle practice is not as good as the effect with the sun angle. 15, row of water pipes after the pressure test is also very important. Test, we must be present, and test time at least 30 minutes or more, conditions permit, the best one hour. 10 kg pressure, and finally no reduction can be tested through. 16, plastic steel door must be considered good plastic steel door frame protruding wall size, informed installer, making the final door frame and </p>
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