Long life wooden floor

Long life wooden floor

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Some customers say that a wooden floor with a different life expectancy, in fact, not difficult for such a problem, the current building materials market, with a different life of wood flooring from the production to the final use of pavement are part of the factors, Take the installation, for example, accounting for a large, if not the correct installation method will seriously reduce the wooden floor life. Solid wood flooring installation quality is good or bad, a direct impact on solid wood flooring beautiful, comfortable, solid wood flooring life. Therefore, we must pay attention to the laying of science.

Common four kinds of solid wood flooring installation methods are: Wooden Fencing Design Ideassuspension laying method, keel laying method, wood flooring keel laying method, direct paste laying method, the four methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, the most popular solid wood flooring is the most commonly used laying method and the laying of the floating method.
Side decorated wood floor Xiaobian to introduce solid wood flooring installation need to pay attention to what matters?
(1) all solid wood flooring to the construction site after the installation should be unpacked in the room for more than a week, deck roof waterproofing material suppliersso that solid wood flooring and living room temperature and humidity to adapt to use.
(2) solid wood flooring should be selected before the installation, remove the obvious quality defects of substandard goods. The color pattern of the same shop in the same room, a slight lack of quality but does not affect the use,Porch Tongue and Groove Flooring can be placed in bed, cabinets and other furniture at the bottom of the same room thickness must be consistent. Purchase should be based on the actual pavement area increased by 10% of the loss of a complete purchase.
(3) pavement Solid wood flooring should be avoided in heavy rain, rain and other climatic conditions of construction. Wood flooring interior decoration is best able to maintain the indoor temperature and humidity stability.
(4) the same room of the solid wood flooring installation should be a pavement finished,low maintenance fencing options so to have sufficient materials, and to do a good job in time to protect the finished product, prevent oil collapse, juice and other contaminated surfaces. Installation of the squeezed out of the glue to be erased in time.
(5) In general,Non Slip Exterior Decking solid wood flooring installation of wood flooring laying direction should be out of the window most of the light into the direction of parallel, or with the room longer walls in parallel can get better visual effects. Before laying or encounter irregular room type, the installer shall explain to the user the effect of various laying direction, and should seek the views of users, and specify on the installation worksheet.
(6) solid wood flooring installation selection can also choose the appropriate nail nail method! Wooden floor installation when the following layer of plastic foam shop, shop floor directly above the wood! This wooden floor will not go after the pop bang sound .
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