Decoration selection of wood flooring

Decoration selection of wood flooring

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Continental decoration in the choice of wood flooring on a lot of people will be contradictory, 2nd floor balcony design ideasI first saw a European-style house with a Chinese-style wooden floor, so Xiao Bian is ashamed ah! European-style decoration of the choice of wood floors are basically solid wood flooring, but what kind of solid wood flooring inside the floor style is the focus of the wooden floor.

What European-style wood flooring decoration good? best wood floors distributors uk European-style decoration can also choose solid wood multi-layer wood flooring, solid wood multi-layer wood flooring has the advantage of more variable surface color and excellent stability,non absorbent composite plastic decking boards wood multi-layer wood flooring compared to solid wood flooring can adapt to some complex pavement environment , Such as the installation of a number of residential warm, multi-layer wood flooring may be more suitable for solid wood.

Parquet floor can also create a richer European-style decoration of the actual results.fabrication wall panels producers Parquet floor with unparalleled creativity, through different colors or different types of stitching, creating a personalized decorative effect. And this relatively free with the nature of the product, naturally by the younger generation of consumers of all ages.
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