choose bamboo floor

choose bamboo floor

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<p>How to choose bamboo floor symmetry balance is very important Bamboo flooring to maintain stability, the most important thing is to see whether the symmetry of the floor structure. Currently on the market structure of bamboo flooring Deck Restore Polymer Ukthere are three: flat pressure, lateral pressure and horizontal type. But the market is still the majority of flat pressure structure.</p><p> lateral pressure and the horizontal structure of the product only a few domestic enterprises to produce, subject to environmental impact, low probability of deformation, can effectively release the floor due to thermal expansion and contraction or damp generated Of price for deck per square foot Italy the internal stress, can adapt to a variety of global climate, especially in northern China. Bamboo is not the longer the better the size of bamboo flooring should not be too large The narrow thermal stress suffered by the floor, the more stable.</p><p> so the width of the floor should not exceed 125 mm, the thickness of the table should not exceed 4 mm, the floor The total thickness of not more than 15 mm is appropriate. Moisture most economical decking material content should not exceed 8% The two natural enemies that affect the stability of the floor are shrinkage and wet bulging. Select the bamboo flooring to control the moisture content within 8% (Beijing area), which will increase the stability of the floor.</p>
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