FDT floor heating market

FDT floor heating market

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should draw on world-class brand practices and experience, grasp the global technology and market trends, according to first-class brand standards to build their own brands. Adhere to the will, is to uphold the moral character of evergreen, to brand Evergreen; brand strong enough to persist longer. Friends in the world of understanding, adhere to the two meanings: First, the accumulation of time with the brand's reputation, adhere to the years of temper. Second, adhere to the brand positioning and basic elements are not easily changed. Take the professional, a trait, firm their own way.

Outbreak of the brand crisis of the enterprises have one thing in common, are more and more large scale, fame is getting higher and higher, so deviated from the brand adhere to and adhere to. And some in the interests of the temptation to uphold the principle of good faith, some difficulties in the industry can not hold the confidence of perseverance. Finally, exposure to fraud or exposure to ruin, or nothing to succeed. Thus, adhere to and adhere to the construction of the brand is the core of the will and character.Recently, by the Chinese wooden floor network organized by the 2011 China flooring (solid wood) top ten brands nationwide network of selected activities came to an end, finalists list of top ten brands finalized, let us together to witness the excitement of the moment Well. The selection activities through the enterprise registration, candidate publication, Internet voting, the organizing committee review and announced the top ten list of five stages, experienced nearly half a month of intense voting,

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