Youth Chris Conley Jersey

Youth Chris Conley Jersey

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The last time Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry practiced for the team was August 11 in St. Joseph Youth Chris Conley Jersey , Missouri—78 days ago at the time of this writing.Eric Berry linksEric Berry held out of practice leading up to first game (Sept. 6)Eric Berry could practice this week (Sept. 17)Eric Berry has a Haglund’s deformity on his heel (Sept. 29)Chiefs “confident” Eric Berry will play this season (Oct. 14)Since then, the Chiefs have played eight regular-season games, and despite Berry missing them all, the team stands at 7-1.When asked about Berry, the team has maintained that he is “literally day to day” with a sore heel. The only other real update we’ve received has been from NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo, who revealed the Chiefs safety has a Haglund’s deformity on his heel in late September. Considering Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is the one responsible for paying out Berry’s six-year, $78 million deal, I thought it was worth asking if he had any additional insight on the mysterious situation during his mid-year check in on Monday afternoon.“It’s no different than what you’ve heard from Andy (Reid) or Rick Burkholder,” Hunt said. “It literally is day to day. I do know that nobody’s working harder at his rehab than Eric. Eric is a young man who loves the game of football and wants to be out there on the field, and as soon as he feels that he’s ready, he’s going to be out there.”Hunt was then asked if it is an expectation that Berry would play this season. Hunt wouldn’t say that. “You know, I really don’t have an expectation,” he said. “That’s a decision that Eric, along with our medical staff going to have to make and I don’t want to step in front of that.”Patrick Mahomes Week 5 film review: something smart and something special This is part two of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one here.Just because Patrick Mahomes threw his first and second interceptions of the season doesn’t mean he still didn’t check some boxes last week. We shouldn’t forget that performance was in the rain. The elements were working against the passing game, and it didn’t seem to bother him all that much. He was still able to drive the ball well, throw it 70 yards in the air and even showed excellent touch and timing (more on that in a minute). I was there for a rain practice during training camp and the elements weren’t drastically impacting his game.Something smartGood decision-making early in the play can lead to little plays becoming more lucrative than they normally are.Mahomes has his team lined up in empty Youth Chris Jones Jersey , something he will always be comfortable. The Chiefs are in a five-man protection, taking the four down lineman and whoever Mahomes declares as the mike. He chooses to set the protection to Myles Jack, the linebacker to the field. If Telvin Smith blitzes, He might have set it to Jack because if Smith does rush than that leaves two defenders for two receivers and space to work. Mahomes is technically hot and will have to throw the ball quickly to beat the unaccounted for defender.Jack does not rush, but Smith does. The offensive line actually was able to work to Smith had Mahomes not got rid of the ball so quick, but nonetheless, he executes his assignment and gets the ball to Travis Kelce. In some cases, receivers adjust their route if they’re the hot receiver to look for the ball quickly and be an early outlet to beat the blitz. In others, a hot route isn’t an adjustment to the route because the structure of the play is already calling for a quick route, and the receiver just has to break early. It looks like Kelce does make a route adjustment because of the blitz.Mahomes delivers a ball on time to Kelce, and because of the space he had, sticks a foot in the ground, makes safety Barry Church miss and runs for a 40-yard completion. Mahomes executed well and made quick, smart decisions that helped result in an explosive play on a hot slant.Something specialThis throw plays like a trick shot. But there’s a lot of substance to it.The Chiefs send Tyreek Hill on a jet motion, and the Jaguars counter by bringing cornerback Tyler Patmon on a CAT blitz. Mahomes peaks and sees backside pressure, so almost immediately on the snap fades away into the boundary. He’s forced to step up against front-side pressure and then lofts a ball over the top of the trailing Jack and into Travis Kelce’s hands.The throw is spectacular. He pulls up on the delivery and avoids contact. His base isn’t set up to deliver that throw Womens Anthony Hitchens Jersey , but he still delivers a ball with great touch and anticipation. I heard someone compare Mahomes to Steph Curry. If that’s the case, this was his floater in the paint.The feel for pressure and delivery was great, but understanding the structure of the play and knowing he had the void to deliver the ball in was impressive too. He identifies the Jaguars playing Cover 3 Match, and knows the corner is clear, trailing Sammy Watkins on the vertical. He’s not even looking at Kelce until late, but is processing the coverage and concept. He knows where the void is and the space he has to deliver the ball into it. This play is a cocktail of the traits we love talking about.BONUS SPECIALIt’s simple, but I love this play.Mahomes wants to hit Kelce on the delay slant. On the play, Kelce makes a slow release of the ball, gives a nod outside, sticks his foot in the ground and hits Smith on the slant (Let’s all laugh at Telvin). On Mahomes’ hitch, Kelce still hasn’t broke in yet so he has to hang onto the ball for an extra beat. That little bit of time brings pressure into his face, so Mahomes as to make a more athletic throw from a slightly less stable base. He delivers an absolute strike with one of his quicker releases of the day. He adjusts his plan, held the ball long enough and made up for the lost time with a quick strike to allow Kelce to run after the catch.
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