Composite flooring is not a single piece of natural wood

Composite flooring is not a single piece of natural wood

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Composite flooring in recent years in the decoration of the application of more and more of a material, because of its variety of colors, affordable, easy maintenance and get the favor of many consumers, I am one of them. In the decoration process, with the contact with the depth of the composite floor with some understanding and understanding, hoping to share with you, so this is interested in friends can learn more about the composite floor.
Composite flooring is not a whole piece of natural wood, but the wood crushed by adding chemicals, processed into sheet metal, and then paste in the above wood grain paper, with wear-resistant layer, and then through the slot and so on processing, A laminate flooring with beautiful textures.
On the one hand, in the process of using plastic and other chemicals, have a certain impact on the human body, can not say that he is environmentally friendly; on the other hand, he can all kinds of wood trims are used, the natural resources Of the utilization reached a maximum, is very environmentally friendly. However, the manufacturers in the production process, but also pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly chemicals, in order to achieve the smallest impact on the human body, so the composite floor can still be assured use.
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