special smell and taste

special smell and taste

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<p>choice of ash wood solid wood floor to pay special attention to maintenance. 2, bai lumu wood floor, elegant colors look good, but also one of the reasons people like it, but according to consumers reflect the long-term use of ash wood flooring yellow discoloration phenomenon will appear. 3, ash wood flooring pattern, large area laying better than small area effect. Bailu wood floor pattern more exaggerated, exudes a strong romantic, elegant colors will give young people a priority choice. For more knowledge of </p>
<p>the floor, please continue to pay attention to every home decoration. Advantages and disadvantages of ash wood flooring Advantages and disadvantages of flooring wood flooring Advantages and disadvantages of maple flooring The difference between Ash and Ash wood Do not choose the wrong Oh!Solid wood flooring Dongnuanxialiang, has been loved by the majority of owners, but its wide variety, among the many solid wood flooring, consumers do not know how to choose. Disc bean flooring is a kind of </p>
<p>solid wood flooring, the following Xiaobian everyone to explain to you about the advantages and disadvantages of disk beans solid wood flooring. 1, the material precious disc bean species, heartwood was golden brown to reddish brown, mainly distributed in Africa, of which Ghana produced particularly valuable, mainly used to make the floor, are fine wood flooring materials. 2, the stability of a good disk beans solid wood flooring stability, and not easily deformed, but also can be used to install the warm wood </p>
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