remove the floor surface of the garbage

remove the floor surface of the garbage

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remove the floor surface of the garbage

① Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor surface of the garbage and dust. ② wipe the floor with a diluted neutral detergent stains. ③ difficult to remove the stains can be satisfied with the water wipe. High Quality Composite Floor
④ detergent in order to prevent accumulation in the groove, the soaked detergent cloth to wring as much as possible. ⑤ floor wax remover will cause the floor to produce stains and bulging marks, absolutely can not be used.

wipe with a wring dry cloth

Wipe with a wringing cloth that has been squeezed firmly. The floor surface, especially the groove part, must wipe carefully, do not leave the detergent. Such as residual detergent and moisture, will cause the surface to whiten and bulge.

Four: waxing stepsEnvironment Friendly Building Materials

Shake the container with the floor wax, and stir evenly. The floor of the room as a whole before waxing, in the corner of the room and other eye-catching local trial to confirm whether the exception.Composite Deck Railing
To prevent the floor wax contamination of the wall baseboard and furniture, use tape and other parts of the cover. With a clean rag full dip dip the floor wax, not dripping is appropriate.
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