the flooring market is expected

the flooring market is expected

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, real estate transactions will also be a wave of significant rise. Developers to return the funds, the next few months the market is expected to form the overall pattern of price changes. Benefit from the real estate market to pick up, the flooring market is expected to get out of the first three months of the dull, there is a high trend. The remaining six months, the local government to achieve this year's protection of housing construction indicators, have begun to force. Such as Beijing and Shanghai, the first half of the operating rate of over 50%, the protection of housing construction throughout the year can be expected. At the same time, the major real estate developers affected by the regulation, began to change business philosophy, focus on building quality real estate, by increasing the value of the project to obtain high gross margin, hardcover room concept began to spread. As the upper floor of the flooring industry, the real estate market is experiencing another throes of re

gulation. Regulatory policies early results, the market structure has changed, for the flooring industry, are all good news, combined with labor, raw materials and other rising costs, solid wood flooring prices have been inevitable. With the strengthening of the protection of housing construction, and the concept of hardcover room popularity, the original is the first consumer to buy a house after the renovation, and now is the first developer to renovate the house and then sold to consumers, the flooring market will appear to buy the first loaded pattern. Moreover, the first-line market demand for high-end no change, coupled with the strong second and third tier markets, the rigid floor demand is in fact increasing.

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